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Oneida High School 1984

Middle Tennessee State University 1989  BS

Recertification through Drake University 2008

Recertification through Drake University 2014


28 Years


As I have gotten older, the children I have introduced to fun and fitness have made me so much younger in spirit.  I want your kids to experience enjoyment in their Wellness experience, and we gear activities to gain as much movement time as we can get during the class.  Please encourage your young ones to wear tennis shoes on the day they have class with me, and their assessments are not made based on their individual abilities, but in their willingness to participate and sportsmanship.  Should be a great year.....!

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Safe

This year I am also going to be at the Middle School as well.....during this transistion please bear with me as I get into a different experience.  I am excited about the move, but grading and class make up is very different at the Elementary School.